The Luxury Ambience

We have world class facilities that rivals the best anywhere in the world. We give you cool soul relaxing music beaming to you from the entrance, to the corridor of your rooms. Each floor of our hotel is a totally different experience and the elevator is available to take you through each floor with style and luxury revealing our intimacy to you.

Welcome to a world where rock and roll swagger meets urban cool

Forget posh faceless lobbies or a boring, pretentious lounge bar. Our team wears Converse and there’s a whisky-soaked music heritage running through our veins. If you want to wear your shades indoors, do it – you won’t be alone. We work hard, and we party harder.

If you’re looking for an edgy urban retreat: you’ve found it, and you’re very welcome to join us! Want to share the Joshesther Olive Hotel experience with your loved ones? Then surprise them with the gift of great time.